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It seems to me that as we become more and more connected to technology, we become less and less connected to our body. We are designed to move and to feel good. My training style helps you reconnect with your body and align yourself with a more positive way of living.

I believe that most people haven’t experienced how good their body can really feel. And for this reason, my training philosophy is centred not only on progressing you towards your goals, but also delivering for you what your body needs so that you can feel on top of your game.

Fitness doesn’t have to be gruelling and tedious. I’m not the kind of trainer that will just bark orders at you and expect you to fall in line, nor am I the kind of trainer that will sugar coat necessary hard truths.


Fitness should be fun; it should be exciting, progressive and specific. I use a blend of tried and tested strategies and techniques as well as my own intuition to find what works for you.

For me, Personal Training is about equipping people with the tools to help themselves. It’s not about spoon feeding or keeping my clients dependent on me – it’s about education. Helping you understand and learn how to work with your body is what I am here for.

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"Monty has completely changed the game for me! I came to him as a total beginner. I hadn't worked out in 5-6 years and also really struggled with finding the right eating strategy. We started with fundamental exercises to improve my form and my posture, and he directed me on how to go about changing my diet. Now we are 3 months in and I've already surpassed my short-term goals! We are now focusing on creating a lifestyle that's achievable and after seeing results (so quickly!) I'm more driven to train harder and be more disciplined with my diet!"
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